girl about town

Today I wanted to let you in to my world a little and show you what I have been working on of late.

I am so incredibly lucky when it comes to my clients, to be invited into someone’s personal space I still feel is a privilege. We build a relationship and go through the design process together, carefully selecting items that will reflect their own personal style. Sometimes they have nothing and we start from the ground up. But in this case my client had accrued the most beautiful treasures over a period of years that she merely wanted to enhance with gorgeous furniture and curtains, oh and a touch of jaw dropping wallpaper to top it all off.

Many thanks to her for allowing me to share these pictures and her home with you.

This is just part one….more to follow.

A JoJo Town House-23 B JoJo Town House-18 C JoJo Town House-5 D JoJo Town House-25 E JoJo Town House-6 F JoJo Town House-30 G JoJo Town House-12 H JoJo Town House-58 I JoJo Town House-34 J JoJo Town House-39 K JoJo Town House-43 L JoJo Town House-74 M JoJo Town House-32 N JoJo Town House-38