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Venturing across the Border

I love to get away. Who doesn’t like a little escapism,  whether it be in your mind or in actual real body form. It helps me to be inspired, not just by my new surroundings, but being away from home reignites my love for my own home and indeed my home town, so a win,… Read more »

Making Progress

Slowly but surely progress is being made at home. The last six months have been the busiest so far with exciting clients and interior projects, which has left little time (or indeed energy) for doing my own home. But I must plough on, even though at times the transformation seems snail paced slow. We have been… Read more »

Vision On

Having an idea of the interior you want and achieving that dream are often two different things. In my work I use many different tools to help me tell a story and build the picture I want. And a picture it is, many different layers of colour, light and shade, texture and interest. If a… Read more »