girl about town part two

Thank you for such amazing feedback from my last post about this stunning home which I have been so lucky to work on.

Keen to show you the rest…like I say this client has taste with a capital T.

So many lovely details, I love the rich colour palette making for a properly cosy media room, the gorgeous wallpaper for the dining hall, the antique chairs which we had sprayed and upholstered in vintage monogrammed Hungarian grain sacks and the beautifully appointed cloakroom….

 L JoJo Town House-66

K JoJo Town House-11 J JoJo Town House-9 H JoJo Town House-64 G JoJo Town House-72 F JoJo Town House-44 E JoJo Town House-47 D JoJo Town House-42 C JoJo Town House-54 B JoJo Town House-60 A JoJo Town House-36

Really looking forward to transforming the master bedroom in the coming months….

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