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So progress has been made on my own house front. Our plans have been submitted to the local council and all fingers are crossed. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have been spending what seems like an inordinate amount of time concentrating on the exterior of our home. Trying to turn a very ugly duckling in to a swan, albeit a black swan.

You see, our house lacks kerb appeal, great area, butt ugly house. I am trying to be nice to it, positive thinking and all that. But in truth it is uuuuggggllllyyyy.

The current elevations look a bit like this

1438 11 A elevations as existing sheet 1 A3-page-001

With in actual reality, warts and all being, more like this, not overly impressive.

4332_0_ext 4

The gable is all out of proportion and then there is a flat roof extension (which I believe was the original garage) at a strange angle. This currently houses my elder son’s bedroom and a garden store. Both which leak and are very cold. We knew very early on that this part had to go, it wasn’t a hard decision. But how to improve the aesthetic of the front proved a little harder to get to. Nick Barber our Architect made a few suggestions on possible roof lines, in the end we went for this asymmetric designs which will echo the side elevation. This will give a much more balance look.

1438 21 A elevations as proposed sheet 1 A3-page-001

With the garage also having the addition of a pitched roof to compliment the house. So far, so good.

Being a huge fan of Pinterest I had been gleaning lots of images of houses that appealed to me and there was a common theme, black, wood and glass. The house has a lot of large floor length windows and with the addition of a few more on each of the extensions the glass was definitely going to work against the contrasting darkness. I knew I needed another element and have seen several local houses with larch cladding that really appealed to me. And so the deal was done.

My inspiration moodboard looked a lot like this

Black and larch Black and vertical clad Cladding Slate and cedar Clad door number

This is how it will look on our new improved ugly duckling.

1438 21 A elevations as proposed sheet 1 A3-page-001 1438 22 _ elevations as proposed sheet 2 A3 (1)-page-001 (1)

The red brick to the left and right of the property will be painted black as will the barge boards. With the new extension at the back, for the kitchen, along with the porch extension will be horizontal larch cladding. The jury is still out as to whether to have light windows or dark, who knows? But a lot more sophisticated don’t you think?

We are in the process of also having the garden redesigned to compliment the new exterior and I will be sure to show and tell this new experience too.

When we decided that this was to be our new home I knew it would be a challenge, physically and mentally, to turn it round. But I am loving this process, one of pushing my boundaries and trying something a little bit brave.

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