Giving it Time

When it comes to being patient I am one of the worst. However, when moving to the new house in late Autumn I had to steel myself that I should do what all the experts say and bide my time when it came to making any alterations. I have had friends and clients who bowl in changing things immediately, only to re do them again later. I couldn’t afford any costly mistakes so sat tight and planned away with graph paper, changing my mind several times on what should go where and how we would live.

How you use you home takes a while to suss out in my opinion. Mainly to do with how the light changes, where the best vantage points are and for me where the sunshine is. I feel like I have struck the jackpot in that department. I LOVE the light, it makes me HAPPY. I need to be somewhere with a view and this place is perfect for that. From sunrise when the sun streams in to my bedroom to lunchtime when I can sit and work with the warmth on my back ending in the amazing sunsets facing the main doors to the garden, I couldn’t be happier. I think I was a cat in a previous life and follow the beams around.

So after to-ing and fro-ing I eventually called in the architects. I have worked with Nick Barber Architects on previous projects and he knows my little ways and idiosyncrasies, my love of balance and problem with angles. He gets me and I knew he was the man for the job.

My main problem with the house was the flow. The bedrooms are at one end and living space at the other, which is great but it was as though someone had designed it from each end and left the kitchen with what was left in the middle. Very odd. It is landlocked, has three doorways and two windows (none of them opening to the outside?!??) and the oven is situated so if you come in from the hall the door bashes you on the head if you are at the oven door. Wish I could swing a sledge hammer to it right now.

The current original layout

1438 XREF ex pro-10 plans as exist

The offending sauna kitchen

4332_0_kitchen 1 4332_0_kitchen 2

This is the new proposed layout ,

1438 XREF ex pro-20 plans as prop

Nick has opened up the space and we have moved the kitchen to access the garden, when I moved in I was having the dining table down there FOR SURE!!! but have since changed my mind and it is definitely the right place to have the kitchen, with the table on the upper level with two beautiful light shafts above (this man thinks of everything, its all in the detail) It make the table the hub of the home and am sure will be the place to host a few good meals.

The cloakroom, boiler and coats cupboards have gone to enable us to move the front door to the right, making it a perfect sight line to the garden as you come through. Then a shower room has been added on the opposite side. This enables us to have the option of making an annexe at some point. We have four parents and four kids so in the future this gives us a more future proof flexible layout with the annexe giving a bedroom, shower room and the study will become a lounge, even having its own door. Nifty eh?

The kitchen is plan A with the demolition and rebuild of the bedroom and study coming as and when funds permit.

Pretty excited doesn’t cover it and I am busy pinning all my interiors on Pinterest, will be sure to share or if you would like to follow me on Pinterest I am there, search for Jojo Humes Brown.

So if you have big plans like me and need a great architect Nick is at

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