Chapter one, always a good place to start

So as the summer came to a close last year, I felt the time had come to leave my much loved three storey late Victorian townhouse , Hackney Villa. The two hounds Hector and Clover needed more space to run outside and having completed this house I knew that I wanted to do another renovation.

Jojo Humes Brown Interiors 




IMG_9973 hall 1 garden 1

Eight years of toil, tears and a ton of work paid off and it sold mega quickly.

A new project had to be found. After much searching in my home town where little appears on the open market, and when it does it is snapped up pretty darn quick, my husband and I went for a walk one autumn evening in search of this place.

4332_0_ext 4

This ugly split level bungalow single storey dwelling had been up for sale for a fair while and we could soon see why. It was more than a little unloved having been rented out for several years. But on a half acre plot with fields behind I saw potential…lots of potential.

The before photos speak for themselves. There are no words.

4332_0_sitting 1

4332_0_sitting 2

Pine, lots of pine..

4332_0_kitchen 1

4332_0_bed 2 - Copy
4332_0_cons 1

Internally I was about to get my Anchorman Interior vibe on. Seventies revival, South Californian Style was coming to Woodbridge.

But first I had to get my head around what to do with the outside, even though the exterior renovation  is not an immediate priority, when I work I like to get an overall vision in my head to keep me going. It spurs me on when I doubt myself and makes me more aware of my surroundings, suddenly noticing different roof tiles, painted brick, chimneys, you name it.

So I went in search of inspiration….The road where I live is divided up into several large plots of around a half to a full acre which is heavily wooded. They were all individually architect designed in the late sixties and early 1970’s and no two are the same.

This house image sums up which direction I (currently) feel I would like to go in.



After, It’s a beauty, a true ugly duckling into a swan.




Initial meeting with my architect  Nick Barber looms, I can’t help but feel this is the challenge that I needed. To push my Interior Designer boundaries. No more playing it safe. Having renovated a Victorian property this one is going to be a completely different ball game. There are no redeeming features, it has no history to carry it through. But as the eternal optimist I see this as a blank canvas in which I can inject love and life.

So, to make some decisions and commit to a paint colour for the sitting room. Start small Jojo.



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