Vision On

Having an idea of the interior you want and achieving that dream are often two different things. In my work I use many different tools to help me tell a story and build the picture I want. And a picture it is, many different layers of colour, light and shade, texture and interest.

If a blank canvas scares you then break it down into smaller sections, make it more manageable but keep in mind the overall effect. The greatest help in gaining inspiration is often looking around you, take photos of friends homes, shops you love, restaurants. Alongside that there are numerous magazines to guide you through the minefield of styles. Or turn to technology. I use Pinterest as an invaluable tool to store all the images that have taken my eye and then make up my online mood boards. I often then see a theme coming through of what I like whether it be grey kitchens, scandi style, patterned floor tiles, but it will hone in your inner designer to see what floats your design boat.




Recently I have been able to bring a new service to my clients in helping them visualise their dream and tweak it before they make costly mistakes. All in the name of CGI or computer generated imagery to us old school types.

Let me explain how it works. Photos are taken of a space in your home, or indeed dimensions of a proposed extension and along with the guys at CBDesigns we will create bespoke images of how the end result could look.

So how does this all happen? In my case I used images from my Pinterest board of the floor tiles I had selected, tile pattern, lighting, kitchen unit colour and details of the shelves I had seen and admired. Then provided dimensions of the proposed room and a photo of the view and voila! The magic appeared before my eyes. The more detail you are able to provide the better the result.

Jojo Humes - Kitchen 01A Jojo Humes - Kitchen 02A Jojo Humes - Kitchen 03A Jojo Humes - Kitchen 04

There is a chance to make some amendments once you have seen the first draft. It showed me in my room that I needed to balance the room out with wall fixed lighting rather than pendant lights. So helpful in not wasting money having to make changes after the kitchen has already been installed.

I believe it will be an invaluable service and think it is a real game changer, and I cannot wait to see some transformation magic going on in my home.

Prices start at around £300 for this service, dependant on the amount of work involved in your scheme, but please feel free to contact me for more details.