girl about town part two

Thank you for such amazing feedback from my last post about this stunning home which I have been so lucky to work on. Keen to show you the rest…like I say this client has taste with a capital T. So many lovely details, I love the rich colour palette making for a properly cosy media… Read more »

girl about town

Today I wanted to let you in to my world a little and show you what I have been working on of late. I am so incredibly lucky when it comes to my clients, to be invited into someone’s personal space I still feel is a privilege. We build a relationship and go through the… Read more »

Making Progress

Slowly but surely progress is being made at home. The last six months have been the busiest so far with exciting clients and interior projects, which has left little time (or indeed energy) for doing my own home. But I must plough on, even though at times the transformation seems snail paced slow. We have been… Read more »

Desire to Inspire

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms and from a whole plethora of design styles. As a young adult something ignited my flame of desire in the wonderful world of design and from then on in I have seen my way through many changing styles and design heroes, and hopefully will continue to do so…. Read more »

In on the Out

So progress has been made on my own house front. Our plans have been submitted to the local council and all fingers are crossed. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have been spending what seems like an inordinate amount of time concentrating on the exterior of our home. Trying to turn a very ugly duckling… Read more »

Giving it Time

When it comes to being patient I am one of the worst. However, when moving to the new house in late Autumn I had to steel myself that I should do what all the experts say and bide my time when it came to making any alterations. I have had friends and clients who bowl… Read more »

The Shire Hall Woodbridge breathes new life.

In the Autumn of 2014 an email popped into my inbox from a lovely friend of mine passing on the details of Woodbridge Town Council’s search for an Interior Designer for the refurbishment of the main areas of The Shire Hall in Woodbridge. Quite a big challenge given it’s current guise and my first job… Read more »

Chapter one, always a good place to start

So as the summer came to a close last year, I felt the time had come to leave my much loved three storey late Victorian townhouse , Hackney Villa. The two hounds Hector and Clover needed more space to run outside and having completed this house I knew that I wanted to do another renovation…. Read more »